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Golf is Hard…mmkay

I went golfing today.

I am by no means a golfer. I’ve been maybe a dozen times in my life. I think I went twice last season and both times were at Newburg Village, a tiny, nine-hole course with two par 5’s, two par 3’s, and the rest par 4’s. Definitely a beginners course.

Today I got invited to golf 18 holes at Sandy Hollow golf course with a buddy of mine and two co-workers of his. Being the ultra-amateur that I am, I was incredibly nervous about making an ass of myself.

To my surprise, I held my own for the most part. Only shanked a few drives, only shanked a few fairway shots, and was able to get a five, six or seven on most holes. Heck, I even made par on one hole and a handful of bogies.

The thing I learned that is incredible about the game of golf is how difficult it is, and how much so many people have, not so much perfected the game, but found a way to play their own brand of golf successfully, and on such a consistent basis.

18 holes of golf is flat-out exhausting. By hole 16 I was beat. I was ready to call it quits and have a cold one. The fact that so many people are able to play day after day, week after week, for years and years is incredible to me. And those who are able to do it SUCCESSFULLY never cease to amaze me.

Nevermind the Tiger Woods, the Phil Michelson, and the guys we see on a weekly basis on the PGA Tour. That’s on a whole other level, but even just the local pros in Rockford who play in the amateur tournaments and shoot in the mid-70’s. That’s damn impressive.

I finished the day with a 118. Had a 59 on both the front and back 9’s. It was a fun day, an exhausting day, and definitely made me want to go golfing again. I’m a competitive guy and like to try and perfect the things I enjoy competing in. But one thing’s for sure, I’ve got a long way to go.


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No Letdowns Possible

76074157JD011_DETROIT_RED_WThe city of Chicago was enraged this afternoon when the Detroit Red Wings dismantled the Chicago Blackhawks 6-1 in the United Center, putting the Blackhawks in a 3-1 hole with the series heading back to Detroit.

Their rage was understandable, as the Blackhawks lost all the momentum gained from game three by playing flat, making foolish mistakes and not capitalizing on any of their very few opportunities.

But while the short-term feeling is frustration over the performance of Cristobel Huet, the dumb penalties by Kris Versteeg and the disappearing act by Patrick Kane, fans need to put this team into perspective and realize what we really have here.

Sure, it would have been great to beat the Red Wings (yes, I’m officially writing off the series right here and now), but there’s no way — NO WAY — this team declines in the coming years. Even if Nikolai Khabibulin and Martin Havlat bolt for free agency in the offseason, there is no way this experience does not help the likes of Kane, Versteeg, Jonathan Toews, etc.

Pierre LeBrun of used an analogy before the series started that this matchup was reminiscent of the Bulls-Pistons battleĀ  in 1990, a year before Michael Jordan and the Bulls won their first title. Those Pistons were bigger, better and more experienced, but a year later those same Bulls broke through and a dynasty was born.

This Red Wings squad is old, scrappy and has more experience than any team in the NHL. It’s impossible to not see it on the ice, as the Blackhawks struggled on a possession-by-possession basis to get the puck into Red Wing territory. The Wings’ defense was that good.

But the likes of Nik Lindstrom and Henrik Zetterberg won’t be around forever, and really, what other team in the NHL has as much upside as the ‘Hawks right now? If and when the Wings decline, and it’s bound to happen eventually, the Blackhawks have the potential to be the cream of the crop in the Western Conference for a long, long time.

Kane and Toews seem to love it here, the city is rejuvinated, and the team has a core they can keep around for many, many years.

So while Blackhawks fans pout over the horrible (and it was really beyond horrible) game four performance Sunday, they need to keep things in perspective. We’ve got a good thing here in Chicago and it’s likely to stay for a long time.

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Welcome to My World

My name is Collin Whitchurch and I am a 22-year-old journalism major at Eastern Illinois University. I’m the sports editor at The Daily Eastern News, EIU’s student newspaper and am currently enjoying my last summer before embarking on my senior year of college.

I’ve tried to start a blog multiple times in the past, but failed miserably. I think that’s because I tried to have a specific theme to my writing before. I would try to write about just the White Sox or just sports in general.

Well this time it’s going to be more a blog for myself. It’s going to be Collin Whitchurch writing about things Collin Whitchurch is interested, and hopefully I won’t refer to myself in the third person too often.

That means you’ll get a heavy dose of sports, movies, music and everything inbetween. So sit back, relax and strap it down.

One other thing… to the right you can see my Twitter feed. Feel free to follow me. My Twitter name is cowhitchurch.

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