My attempt at losing weight: Part 6, 7 & 8 – The Long, Hard Struggle

When I first began my foray into weight loss, I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

Each time I made said attempt, things would go well for a few weeks — maybe a month or two — but than I would get lazy, think of a reason to stop, and eventually stop altogether.

I was waiting for that to come about this time around, as I’ve thus far made it longer than any previous attempt.

That time seems to have finally come, but I haven’t given up.

There are multiple reasons behind my recent, downfall — and don’t get me wrong, I haven’t fallen completely off the wagon, just fallen behind my goal — but none of the reasons are incredibly legitimate.

I had to be at -20 by March 8th and my next goal is to be at -30 my April 8th. As of right now, April 8th is nine days away and I’m at -21.

It’s tougher to lose weight the longer you go, or so I’m told, but in all reality I just haven’t done as good of a job keeping up with healthy eating and working out.

Spring Break didn’t help. When I was on Spring Break I was home, hanging out with friends and eating what my mom would cook. The temptations to eat unhealthy are far too strong when I’m home and the access to a gym is not good.

That, combined with another trip to visit a friend last weekend and generally being overwhelmed by school and newspaper stuff has made it difficult. I’m still eating healthy for the most part, and am confident that I will continue to lose weight, but the chances of me being at -40 by May 8th are becoming less and less.

Either way, the only reason I’m typing this blog is because I have to for class. I’m sitting in Multimedia Journalism and don’t have my video shot to start editing my project, so I decided to type this blog. It’s kind of lame, I know, but I don’t believe Murley will read it anyway.

The end.


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