Looking Back – My 2010 MLB Season Predictions

Is that Darth Vader? No. It's Terrance Mann.

In sports, people make predictions constantly. At the start of every sport season, you’ll see a barrage of “experts,” blogs, etc., taking their turns predicting how they think the season will play out. Rarely do those same people rehash on their predictions once the season is over. Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I didn’t do all that horrible in my predictions. I had some incredible misses (Reds, Padres) and some hits (Rangers, Giants), but overall I think things evened out for the most part, so I wanted to recap.

American League


Predicted Finish: 1. Yankees, 2. Red Sox, 3. Rays, 4. Blue Jays, 5. Orioles.

Actual Finish: 1. Rays, 2. Yankees, 3. Red Sox, 4. Blue Jays, 5. Orioles

Analysis: This division wasn’t incredibly difficult to predict, and there weren’t many surprises. I obviously missed out on the Rays, but it was a pretty safe bet that the Yankees, Rays and Red Sox would finish in the 1-3 spots, regardless of who went where. Blue Jays at 4 and Orioles at 5 were sure things.


Predicted Finish: 1. White Sox, 2. Twins, 3. Tigers, 4. Royals, 5 Indians.

Actual Finish: 1. Twins, 2. White Sox, 3. Tigers, 4. Indians, 5. Royals.

Recap: The only team whose position I picked correctly was the Tigers, but I was in the ballpark with the others. I knew it would be between the White Sox and Twins for first, and I knew it would be between the Indians and Royals for last. I simply had them flip-flopped.


Predicted Finish: 1. Rangers, 2. Angels, 3. Mariners, 4. Athletics.

Actual Finish: 1. Rangers, 2. Athletics, 3. Angels, 4. Mariners.

Recap: This is my proudest prediction. I correctly guessed that the Rangers would take over this division, and they did. I was surprised, however, that the Angels weren’t more competitive and the Athletics weren’t as bad. I’m also proud I didn’t buy into the Mariners hype everyone else did, but I definitely didn’t expect them to be THAT bad.

National League


Predicted Finish: 1. Phillies, 2. Braves, 3. Marlins, 4. Mets, 5. Nationals.

Actual Finish: 1. Phillies, 2. Braves, 3. Marlins, 4. Mets, 5. Nationals.

Recap: 100 percent accurate. But I can’t be too proud. It wasn’t rocket science that the Phillies were good, but I had to be right on how good the Braves were and how bad the Mets were, which I was.


Predicted Finish: 1. Cardinals, 2. Cubs, 3. Brewers, 4. Reds, 5. Astros, 6. Pirates

Actual Finish: 1. Reds, 2. Cardinals, 3. Brewers, 4. Astros, 5. Cubs, 6. Pirates.

Recap: Here’s where things get ugly. I completely missed the Reds, and gave the Cubs way too much credit. To be fair, I think I gave the Cubs that much credit because I didn’t want to be called biased by Cubs fans, which was obviously a huge mistake.


Predicted Finish: 1. Giants, 2. Rockies, 3. Dodgers, 4. Padres, 5. Diamondbacks.

Actual Finish: 1. Giants, 2. Padres, 3. Rockies, 4. Dodgers, 5. Diamondbacks.

Recap: Like the Reds, I couldn’t have been more wrong about the Padres before the season. Of course, the same could be said for virtually every prognosticator out there. I rode the Giants all season and they were as good as I expected, and the Diamondbacks were as bad as everyone though.

Now, here are my preseason playoffs and awards predictions:


ALDS: Yankees over White Sox; Red Sox over Rangers

NLDS: Cardinals over Rockies; Giants over Phillies

ALCS: Yankees over Red Sox

NLCS: Cardinals over Giants

World Series: Yankees over Cardinals

Season Awards

MVP: AL – Mark Teixeria; NL – Albert Pujols

Cy Young: AL – Justin Verlander; NL – Roy Halladay

Rookie of the Year: AL – Scott Sizemore; NL – Jason Heyward

Awards Recap: Of all my awards predictions, the only one I completely missed on was Scott Sizemore. The opening day second baseman for the Detroit Tigers was pretty much an afterthought by June. Teixeira was a disappointment as well, but still put up big numbers, and Justin Verlander will likely still finish in the top 5 in Cy Young voting. I may very well hit a home run with Roy Halladay and Jason Heyward. Halladay seems like the runaway favorite for the award, and Heyward’s only competition for ROY is Buster Posey. As for Pujols, I still would pick him as my MVP. Sure, Joey Votto is the trendy pick, but the Cardinals have constantly been all about Pujols, and just because the Cardinals were a disappointment doesn’t mean that still isn’t true. The Cardinals with Pujols are like the Cleveland Cavaliers with LeBron James. If he leaves, the organization goes completely down the toilet. That’s why he’s still my pick for MVP.

Playoffs Recap: Preseason, I said Yankees over Cardinals, and while I may get one right, I struck out on the other. I’ll be honest, though. Partway through the season, I jumped on the bandwagon of two teams barring the White Sox falling out of contention. Those teams were the Rangers and Giants. I don’t know if the Rangers are good enough to get past the Rays or Yankees, or the Giants are good enough to get past the Phillies, but since one of my World Series teams are out, I’m allowing myself an amendment using the current playoff teams.

World Series Prediction: Texas Rangers over San Francisco Giants


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