Academy Awards Preview – Best Supporting Actor

With the Academy Awards set to hand out the movie industry’s most prestigious award Feb. 27, this post begins a series breaking down each major category. We’ll look at the favorites, darkhorses, who would win and who will win in the Academy Awards’ six acting categories, as well as best director and best picture.

The Candidates

Christian Bale – The Fighter

John Hawkes – Winter’s Bone

Jeremy Renner – The Town

Mark Ruffalo – The Kids Are All Right

Geoffrey Rush – The King’s Speech


Christian Bale

Why? – Bale has won the Golden Globe and Screen Actor’s Guild Award already, and is listed at 1/7 odds to win the award.


John Hawkes.

Why? – Not a lot of people have seen Winter’s Bone, and while I wasn’t as high on it as others, Hawkes was undoubtedly a bright spot. I don’t see the academy handing out any upsets, but this would be one that would shock a lot of people.


Mark Ruffalo.

Why? – Ruffalo does a fine job in The Kids Are All Right, but award worthy? Hardly. The level of difficulty of his performance is lower than any other candidate this year, as he just plays his quirky self throughout most of the film. There is little to no depth in his character.

Collin’s Pick

Christian Bale.

Why? – If you showed someone with no knowledge of the movie industry the film Dark Knight, and then immediately after you showed them The Fighter, I’d be willing to bet that person would have no idea that the two characters Bale plays were the same person. Likewise, he nails the Boston accent and the ignorance he displays toward his addiction and the documentary film crew’s intentions with him is chilling in a very subtle way.

A later post will document how there will be little drama in the academy’s acting award decisions, and this further cements that fact. This says nothing poor about the other four performances, but Bale is leaps and bounds better this year.

Who the Academy will choose – Christian Bale.



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3 responses to “Academy Awards Preview – Best Supporting Actor

  1. Colleen

    How do you know that Mark Ruffalo is just playing himself? Have you ever met Mark Ruffalo? Do you hang out with Mark Ruffalo regularly?

    Also, in The Fighter, they live in Lowell, Mass., not Boston.


  2. cowhitchurch

    LOL Colleen.

    It’s Ruffalo as I perceive him to be and how I’ve seen him in interviews and such.

    And I know, but it’s not called a Lowell Accent. It’s commonly called a Boston Accent. I guess if I wanted to be more correct I could’ve called it a New England Accent.

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