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Something I Wanted to Write About Derrick Rose and LeBron James

I read something a few minutes ago that made my jaw drop.

For the past few months, I have been thinking about writing a post about the NBA MVP Award, Derrick Rose and LeBron James. Only I didn’t know how to write it properly, didn’t have the proper fuel, and my biases got in the way.

Eventually, I gave up the notion. I couldn’t do it for the aforementioned reasons, and now I’ve read something by my favorite sports writer in the planet that sums up every single tiny bit of how I felt.

Reading it astounded me. I was thrilled that I had the same mindset as the great Joe Posnanski. I was thrilled that I am now able to share these feelings I have with the rest of the world. And I was a little bit disappointed, because now I simply have to say: “Hey, read this,” instead of writing it myself.

It’s such a good post and I couldn’t agree with it more. Please read it, and if you disagree with what Posnanski has to say, I really, REALLY want to know why.

Here it is. Click this.


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