2012 MLB Predictions


This post won’t be long. I just wanted to get a few predictions for the Major League Baseball season on record so I can seem super smart when they come true or pretend they didn’t happen when they don’t. Here’s my divisional predictions:

American League:

East: 1. Yankees, 2. Rays, 3. Red Sox, 4. Blue Jays, 5. Orioles

Central: 1. Tigers, 2. Indians, 3. White Sox, 4. Royals, 5. Twins

West: 1. Rangers, 2. Angels, 3. Mariners, 4. Athletics

Wild Card winners: Rays, Angels

MVP: Evan Longoria

Cy Young: David Price

Rookie of the Year: Jesus Montero

National League:

East: 1. Nationals, 2. Phillies, 3. Braves, 4. Marlins, 5. Mets

Central: 1. Cardinals, 2. Reds, 3. Brewers, 4. Cubs, 5. Pirates, 6. Astros

West: 1. Rockies, 2. Giants, 3. Diamondbacks, 4. Dodgers, 5. Padres

Wild Card winners: Phillies, Reds

MVP: Ryan Zimmerman

Cy Young: Zack Greinke

Rookie of the Year: Drew Pomeranz

World Series: Rays over Cardinals

A couple of other random thoughts:

-Of the two biggest divisional favorites, the Tigers and Phillies, at LEAST one won’t win their division. As you can see above, I’m picking the Phillies as that team. I’m high on Washington, but don’t sleep on the Indians in the AL Central, either.

-Every year there’s one or two “sleeper” teams that fail to live up to expectations. In the American League, it will be the Blue Jays, who are still a year away. In the National League, it will be the Marlins.

-Both the Cubs and White Sox will be better than people think. Both will be close enough to contention by July that it will make the trade deadline very, very interesting.

-I always buy into the Rockies and this year is no different. I think Tulo and CarGo stay healthy all year and the pitching staff has a lot of good, young talent.

-The Diamondbacks will be the division winner from last year that is the biggest disappointment. They’ll regress back to the means after overachieving last season.

-The race between the Rangers and Angels will be FAR more interesting than the AL East race. The Red Sox will finish closer in the standings to fourth-place Toronto than second-place New York.

-Mike Trout will be called up in Los Angeles by the end of June and do really, really well, contending for the AL Rookie of the Year award.

-Bryce Harper will be called up by Washington at some point and not perform incredibly well.

-Carlos Santana of Cleveland and Eric Hosmer of Kansas City will both have big enough seasons that they will garner MVP votes.


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  1. Kid Carboy Jr.

    The Nationals. Bold prediction. Bold, I say.

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